"Jalan Atthirari Anni." Moon of My Life

"Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni." My Sun and Stars

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Today I went into town and saw a lady pushing her two Chihuahuas in a pram.

Last night I went on the Edinburgh Ghost Bus Tour with Michelle, which was awesome. The conductor was absolutely hilarious and though it wasn’t very scary, it was very interesting to hear about various ghosts and some of the history of Edinburgh. After that we went to Tron, Hive and Chalky’s. It was a good night, though I stayed out a little later than I’d hoped to.

Today is a beautiful day, but instead of sitting outside I’m doing lots of tidying and cleaning around the house, and later I’m going to see the boy. Not seen him since Sunday so I’m very, very excited. ^_^

Not spent much time on Tumblr (or Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram) recently because I’ve been so busy enjoying my holiday, seeing people, being all loved up, watching tv shows I missed, editing photos and so on. I can’t believe the holiday is disappearing so fast, it’s nearly August! Got some fun things to look forward to in the next few weeks though- the annual family BBQ, my birthday, the Fringe festival, Hive til Five (not horrendously excited about that but it’ll be fine) and then I’ll be back at work!


Yellow Box: Two Words and we didn’t pee our pants.

White Box: Nailed it.

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british government:

puts a woman who voted against marriage equality in charge of education and equality


Fangirl Challenge ● Female Characters [6/50] → Inara Serra

So, would you like to lecture me on the wickedness of my ways? 

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Obviously she’s Wonder Woman. I mean, look at lothis pose alone. 

I love her.


Obviously she’s Wonder Woman. I mean, look at lothis pose alone. 

I love her.

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